Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mumbai symphonic black metal outfit Cosmic Infusion has free a self-titled EP containing 5 tracks

Mumbai symphonic black metal outfit Cosmic Infusion has free a self-titled EP containing 5 tracks.
The band, comprising Amnish (Guitars), Nakul (Guitars), Amey (Bass Guitar), Sushan (Vocals and Keyboards) tell Today's Music Review Republic of India the thought behind the tracks on their EP.

Acronycal Loge
Acronycal Loge is a couple of profane ritual performed at Associate in nursing unholy time.

Burial of Thy Own
Burial of Thy Own is one in every of our oldest tracks and it's a couple of
Gathering and also the march of a demon army.

Journey is concerning your own journey through the woods, the hills into location and the way you notice that the universe is far larger than you and there's an influence larger, thus powerful, which may produce. And also the produced solely has Associate in nursing illusion that he will create and might solely destroy the created.

Gothika is a couple of place off from the remainder of the man. It is
Protected by the folks and also the spirits that haven't left the place. The song describes vicinity wherever during a bound cluster of individuals, World Health Organization get to understand the richness of Gothika, try and subtract their natural wealth and also the wrath of the folks of Gothika that follows.

Crepheus is concerning Associate in nursing notional natural object known as ‘Crepheus’. Nothing escapes the part, no kind of energy not even light-weight. Crepheus may be a natural object born within the part and is aware of and understands solely issue, destruction that forms the supply of energy for Crepheus. The song describes Crepheus.

The EP was recorded, mixed and down pat by Nikhil Singh (Closed Eye Productions).

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