Thursday, August 16, 2012

All Time Patriotic Movie

So it was INDEPENDENCE DAY yesterday and I am sure we all took this day off from our usual routine life with utmost pleasure and of course not to forget Patriotism. Whether or not we celebrate this day or take part in any actual ceremony, it sure does bring to us the spirit of FREEDOM.
Being a movie buff, when I think about patriotism and freedom, a few really good movies come to my mind. Though I am a little late (I am sure patriotism doesn’t need a specific date or time), I have put together a small list of my favorite inspirational movies that would keep the flame burning for all us INDIANS wherever across the globe we are. Though I am sure we all don’t need movies to bring out this side of this, but yes a little push always helps.
So here is a list of a few of my favorites:


I literally have goose bumps every time I watch this movie. RDB came out in 2006 and had an ensemble star cast of Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth, Sharman Joshi and Kunal Kapoor. The movie is about a filmmaker SUE who wants to make a movie about India’s freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and their struggle. The movie definitely hits a chord and brings out the patriotic side in us, as what youngsters can do for their country. A masterpiece of a movie and each time I watch the movie it sure invokes a patriotic zeal.  A must watch.

This is another one movie that brings out the love for our country. Border by JP DUTTA came out in 1997 and talks about the Battle of Longewala that happened during the INDO-PAK war of 1971. It also highlights all the events and facts surrounding the epic battle.
Inspired by a real life story, this Sharukh Khan movie is the story of a retired and defamed hockey player who returns to the sport to coach an amateur Women’s National Hockey team and their struggle to win the World Championship. Each scene in the movie leaves a deep impact on us and ending sure would leave you in tears. Captivating and awe- inspiring, this movie is a must watch.


 The movie talks about a college student who has no ambition in life. One day after watching an action movie, Karan (Hrithik Roshan) the lead protagonist of the movie decides to enroll himself in the Indian Army much to his family’s surprise. He fails initially and drops out. Following this he earns absolutely no respect from his family which causes him to return back to the Army and give it his best where he posed with a complicated mission to prove his loyalty and serve his country. Truly a motivational movie, it kindles the dormant drive which most of us possess.


Nominated for an Oscar, this movie of Aamir Khan is about Cricket and how the local village team tries to beat the ENGLISH at their own game in order to win a wager and also waive their taxes due to the late onset of monsoon.  The movie stars Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh in the lead.

Some of the other movies based on the same lines are The Legend of Bhagat Singh, LOC, Gadar, Indian, Mother India, Mangal Pandey and Swades.
So what are your patriotic favorites that should not be missed?

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