Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mumbai symphonic black metal outfit Cosmic Infusion has free a self-titled EP containing 5 tracks

Mumbai symphonic black metal outfit Cosmic Infusion has free a self-titled EP containing 5 tracks.
The band, comprising Amnish (Guitars), Nakul (Guitars), Amey (Bass Guitar), Sushan (Vocals and Keyboards) tell Today's Music Review Republic of India the thought behind the tracks on their EP.

Acronycal Loge
Acronycal Loge is a couple of profane ritual performed at Associate in nursing unholy time.

Burial of Thy Own
Burial of Thy Own is one in every of our oldest tracks and it's a couple of
Gathering and also the march of a demon army.

Journey is concerning your own journey through the woods, the hills into location and the way you notice that the universe is far larger than you and there's an influence larger, thus powerful, which may produce. And also the produced solely has Associate in nursing illusion that he will create and might solely destroy the created.

Gothika is a couple of place off from the remainder of the man. It is
Protected by the folks and also the spirits that haven't left the place. The song describes vicinity wherever during a bound cluster of individuals, World Health Organization get to understand the richness of Gothika, try and subtract their natural wealth and also the wrath of the folks of Gothika that follows.

Crepheus is concerning Associate in nursing notional natural object known as ‘Crepheus’. Nothing escapes the part, no kind of energy not even light-weight. Crepheus may be a natural object born within the part and is aware of and understands solely issue, destruction that forms the supply of energy for Crepheus. The song describes Crepheus.

The EP was recorded, mixed and down pat by Nikhil Singh (Closed Eye Productions).

Thursday, August 16, 2012

All Time Patriotic Movie

So it was INDEPENDENCE DAY yesterday and I am sure we all took this day off from our usual routine life with utmost pleasure and of course not to forget Patriotism. Whether or not we celebrate this day or take part in any actual ceremony, it sure does bring to us the spirit of FREEDOM.
Being a movie buff, when I think about patriotism and freedom, a few really good movies come to my mind. Though I am a little late (I am sure patriotism doesn’t need a specific date or time), I have put together a small list of my favorite inspirational movies that would keep the flame burning for all us INDIANS wherever across the globe we are. Though I am sure we all don’t need movies to bring out this side of this, but yes a little push always helps.
So here is a list of a few of my favorites:


I literally have goose bumps every time I watch this movie. RDB came out in 2006 and had an ensemble star cast of Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Soha Ali Khan, Siddharth, Sharman Joshi and Kunal Kapoor. The movie is about a filmmaker SUE who wants to make a movie about India’s freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and their struggle. The movie definitely hits a chord and brings out the patriotic side in us, as what youngsters can do for their country. A masterpiece of a movie and each time I watch the movie it sure invokes a patriotic zeal.  A must watch.

This is another one movie that brings out the love for our country. Border by JP DUTTA came out in 1997 and talks about the Battle of Longewala that happened during the INDO-PAK war of 1971. It also highlights all the events and facts surrounding the epic battle.
Inspired by a real life story, this Sharukh Khan movie is the story of a retired and defamed hockey player who returns to the sport to coach an amateur Women’s National Hockey team and their struggle to win the World Championship. Each scene in the movie leaves a deep impact on us and ending sure would leave you in tears. Captivating and awe- inspiring, this movie is a must watch.


 The movie talks about a college student who has no ambition in life. One day after watching an action movie, Karan (Hrithik Roshan) the lead protagonist of the movie decides to enroll himself in the Indian Army much to his family’s surprise. He fails initially and drops out. Following this he earns absolutely no respect from his family which causes him to return back to the Army and give it his best where he posed with a complicated mission to prove his loyalty and serve his country. Truly a motivational movie, it kindles the dormant drive which most of us possess.


Nominated for an Oscar, this movie of Aamir Khan is about Cricket and how the local village team tries to beat the ENGLISH at their own game in order to win a wager and also waive their taxes due to the late onset of monsoon.  The movie stars Aamir Khan and Gracy Singh in the lead.

Some of the other movies based on the same lines are The Legend of Bhagat Singh, LOC, Gadar, Indian, Mother India, Mangal Pandey and Swades.
So what are your patriotic favorites that should not be missed?

Monday, April 23, 2012

HOUSEFULL 2 music review

House Full 2 music review

Lyrics: Sameer Rating: 2 While many comedy capers expect you to leave your brains behind, even the music of this Sajid Khan film is mindless Housefull 2 is supposed to be a comedy and the songs are expected to be entertaining and fun. But the music of Housefull 2 comes nowhere close to the melodies of Dabangg, which was music director Sajid-Wajid’s last big hit. Anarkali disco chali has nothing new to offer. It’s not the worst item song to come out of Bollywood, because some of the recent numbers like Razia and Jalebi bai have been an assault on our senses. So this one’s bearable, but only if it’s showing on TV and you can’t find your remote control. Right now now is a straight copy of Akon’s Right now. The lyricist (Sameer) couldn’t even think of new words and has gone right ahead with ‘right now’! It’s one of Akon’s most popular songs in India and was one of the most obvious tracks to lift from. It’s just sad that we can’t even compose our own completely original hip hop number. Do you know draws inspiration from several oldies- the feel is similar to Humko tumse ho gaya hai pyar from Amar Akbar Anthony, the interlude is like the one in Hoga tumse pyara kaun from Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai and it also reminds you of Jaanu meri jaan from Shaan. Despite all the influences, it doesn’t manage to become appealing enough, romantic enough or cute enough. Papa to band bajaye is probably the only slightly more entertaining number. The lyrics are just hilarious. It’s actually quite ridiculously imaginative, with lines like principal khud ban jaye, keep quiet rule banaye etc etc. Honestly, anyone could have written the lyrics of this soundtrack; perhaps Sajid could have done it himself. Also, this song is uncannily similar to the popular Australian track We speak no Americano. Looks like this one’s a totally inspired album. Housefull 2 music is plain silly, but who cares!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Agent Vinod Musical Review

Agent Vinod Musical Review

Highlight March 23rd on your calendar....?Confused ?never mind..its the release date of Saif's home production Agnt Vinod with his gorgeous lady love Kareena.
After grabbing the limelight for his songs from bodyguard,he once again tries his luck in this film.The film blasts off with an official remake of a European pop song namely I’ll Do the Talking Tonight by Bonny M.in my view it is a fast number that rejuvenates your spirit and turns you into a fresh leaf.

Dil Mera Muft Ka,will be the cynosure of all eyes because of the perfect mixture of various genres and vocals..and trust me you are definitely going to enjoy it.
There is also a vocal treat for die hard Shreya Ghosal fans
with her version of the song"raabta".Next comes Pungi with Mika Sing to tickle your funny bone..but be cautious that you watch out for both audio and video for a complete hilarious effect.
Last but not the least the theme music of the film is brilliantly executed and is just apt for this type of action flicker!!ENjoy listening ....